A subcut session and nurse Indra

Nurse Indra is always present whenever subcut is administered on Cleo, and now, Indy.

It’s 150ml daily for Cleo for 10 days to recheck and re-evaluate.

For Indy, it is 250ml on alternate days. Also to be re-evaluated after 10 days. I definitely see some improvement in Indy’s wellbeing already. And he is only on the subcut and Renal-N. I’m waiting for the Astro’s Oil package to be delivered. There is a local seller now.


Oops! Smurfy got left behind in Bunny’s Place and he refuses to go back.

He went to hide in Riley’s grass bed.

I had to get hubby to drive him back before any fight broke out. The Monsters are quite terrified of hubby. The moment they see him, they all scurry back to their catio. It’s more effective than anything else!