Jayden, Gerald and Misty at the park!

This morning, I had a scare. Only Creamy and Misty were in the porch at 6am when I fed them. Misty didn’t even eat. She was waiting for Gerald.

It was only at 7.30am that Gerald came running back via the neighbour’s roof from the back road. I wonder where he was earlier.

But I’m so glad he’s back now.

Only then did Misty eat, together with her best friend.

Uh-oh, no, no, Jayden. Don’t pull Gerald’s tail, please.

Jayden insists on giving his all-time favourite toy, Pig, to Gerald.

Sorry I pulled your tail, Gerald. You can have my favourite toy.


Gently, gently…

Misty watching from a safe distance.

Very often, I see Gerald climbing trees too and he can go quite high up!

Street cats are meant to live happily and freely in their environment….if only humans were kinder.

If only our 15 indoor cats could roam freely once in a while, how happy they would be. But because of our council by-laws and street animal-unfriendly people, they have to contend with living indoors in a confined space where there is at least earth and grass, but instead of tall trees, they have to contend with platforms to climb and jump.

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