Please eat, Kai

I’ve been quite worried about Kai not eating very much. Sometimes, she will skip an entire meal because hunting and playing are more important for her. I’ve asked the vet about this, and she says it’s quite normal for kittens to prioritise playing instead of eating.

Last night, I applied some Mirtazapine on her inner ear. It’s an appetite stimulant, so this morning, yes, she ate. But also not much.

Right now, although she is the eldest and was leading in weight when she was an infant, she is the lightest among the three of them.

Kai 3.2kg
Akira 3.3kg
Indra 3.6kg

If you remember, when they were born, Kai was the eldest and favourite of Samantha’s, so she got the most care from her. Indra was the ignored one, so I had to handfeed her, but I ended up handfeeding all three of them. Samantha still provided breast milk, of course, but she did not have enough. Or, she appeared to be an inexperienced mother whose priority was to escape and go back to her free-roaming street ways.

Anyway, that’s in the past and it’s the now that I’m concerned about. Kai and Akira, both, do not have much interest in food, but Akira is improving now. At least she eats two meals per day. Indra is a food guzzler so I don’t worry about her.

But Kai. In the previous days, she has not been eating much. I’ve tried various kinds of food too. She’s just not interested and would rather “hunt”. Her hunting is to stare at the drain hole or any spot for hours on end, waiting for her “prey” which usually doesn’t turn up at all.

This must be the effect of the Mirtazapine. She ate but only a little bit today. I gave her Coco&Joe’s topped with Cubgrub. She only ate the Cubgrub and scooted off to “hunt” at the platforms.

What she is hunting for, I don’t know. Maybe she is just looking at birds? Sometimes she will just look intently at the ground for tiny worms or insects. For a very long time.

What is so interesting there, Kai?

Akira joins her.

Indra is more down-to-earth.