The hardest cats to feed

At Bunny’s Place, they are Kai, Akira and Indy.

Kai is always too busy hunting. Too busy that she has no time to eat. Ever since administering the transdermal Mirtazapine, she has been eating at every meal. But how long will that last and I certainly do not want her to depend on this medicine.

Akira is too busy zooming around and playing. But lately, she has taken time off to eat. Phew…

I never had any eating problems with the Monsters from young until now. They LOVE to eat! Eating is prioritised over all other activities as far as they are concerned. Well, they are, after all, the Monsters, right? Eating monsters!!

Indy, partly due to his kidney degeneration which causes inappetence, but also partly because he is very choosy. But ever since the first subcut, he has been eating. But I notice that since the subcut is given on alternate days, after 2 days, his wellbeing decreases a little. I’ll have to consult the vet if he should get subcut daily. The vet did say she wants to go on a low dose first.

But over in Tabs’ Safehouse, Riley is also very difficult to feed. She’s not interested in eating and she is a junkie. She prefers to have free-flowing kibble, which isn’t advisable. So I don’t do that. But she will go to the kitchen and ask for kibble. And she knows when to ask – when you are most busy, so you don’t have time to force feed her raw food, hence, she gets the convenience food!

Aren’t I clever or what? Right?

But I still make sure she eats some raw food daily. How is it that she started off eating 100% and now she wants something else? Sigh… And Gerald, Misty and Creamy KNOW what’s good for them. They eat 100% raw. They only need canned food once in a while for a change of taste. They don’t even want kibble. Or maybe they are getting kibble from other houses? Rumah lain tak ada raw food?

Ginger and the Monsters are the easiest to feed.

Cow Mau too. He has very good appetite.