Come down please, Indy

Indy is also very hard to feed, but we now know it must have been due to his kidney degeneration. But then again, Indy has always been a very choosy cat when it comes to food too.

For many months now, I’ve been yanking him off the platforms in order to take him down to be force fed. These few days, after he’s been on subcut, at least he is willing to eat a bit on his own, which is already a huge improvement.

Yanking Indy off the high platforms calls for very strong arms, actually. Because Indy is super strong. But he does “cooperate” and does not bite me. He just resists. If Indy had wanted to attack, I’d lose. 100%.

He finished some Cubgrub and some renal kibble this morning. I know I should not mix raw food with kibble, but when push comes to shove, “as long as they eat” is the principle I go by.

I managed to get him down to feed him his kidney supplements.

Indy, like Cleo, is on Renal-N and Astro’s Oil Renal Care Package.