A treat for JoTong and Uncle Wong’s Balakong street dogs

Tong Yut Fun (JoTong) is our TagTeam member and she started off as an applicant to our Neutering Fund.

I soon roped her in to be in our TagTeam because her CNRM work is truly amazing and exemplary. [Our TagTeam currently has 4 members (including me). Should anything untoward happens to me, the TagTeam will immediately take over the running of AnimalCare.]

JoTong works with Uncle Wong Woi Kan and together, they have already got many, many dogs neutered in Balakong even before Jo started claiming from our fund.

Currently, Jo and Uncle Wong feed more than 100 dogs daily. They take turns to do it alternately.

If you remember, through our recommendation, Mr Alden from Chef B Sdn Bhd donated 90kg of cooked rice and 30kg of roasted chicken to Uncle Lee a few days ago. Since Uncle Lee only has 41 dogs, we asked if he would be willing to share some with JoTong. He agreed.

Here are photos of the feeding today. The chicken wasn’t enough (granted, there are more than 100 dogs!), so Jo supplemented with kibble.

Once again, thank you, Mr Alden of Chef B Sdn Bhd. We are really grateful to you for your generosity and kindness.

This is the portion shared from Uncle Lee.

Kudos to JoTong and Uncle Wong for their tireless efforts, day in and day out, looking after all their precious furry friends.