Jayden and his No. 1 best friend, Ginger

Ginger is the cat who Jayden grew up with when he was a little baby.

Now, Ginger stays in the catio at the side of our house with Minnie and her Monsters (her four sons) who hero-worships their Uncle Ginger too. Ginger looked after them when they were young, from the day they were born, much like he did with Jayden too! So, Ginger is a father-figure to the Monsters.

Here is Jayden visiting his No. 1 best friend!

Jayden: This is Ginger, my best friend…ever!!

I will protect my best friend!

And knead him like PlayDoh!

Ginger allows Jayden to do practically anything to him. Jayden can even sit on him (but Jayden doesn’t put his full weight on Ginger).

Ginger cats are known to be the friendliest and most easy-going amongst the various types of cats. The colour/markings of a cat has a bearing on their personality. It’s genetic.

Look at our gingers – we have Ginger, Gerald, Kai and Indra – all friendly!