Reaching out to feed street animals with surplus funds

Way back when we first started in 2009, we had a Food Aid which provided petfood for street animals through their feeders. But this ended after five years in 2014 because we discovered abuse and cheating, which was indeed a very sad phenomenon.

Then, in October 2018, we had some surplus funds so we restarted our Food Aid but this time it was only to selected shelters run by operators whom we trusted. This is still going on now.

For independent street animal caregivers, we offer our Neutering, Vaccination and recently, our revised Medical Aid for medical issues identified during neutering. We also always gently remind independent caregivers to practise One-Street CNRM and to do so within their means, keeping the numbers to a sustainable one because taking care of street animals is a long term endeavour.

However, in certain colonies, the numbers are really big, and we understand that sometimes some assistance in petfood would be appreciated too.

As such, we are now extending our Food Aid to help independent caregivers feed their neutered street animals. Of course, after having had the experience of running AnimalCare for 14 years (and counting!) and encountered bitter incidents, we have laid down very, very strict criteria for this Food Aid.

To start it off, we currently are only able to help two independent caregivers and they are jointly feeding more than 150 dogs in the Balakong area. They are Ms Tong Yut Fun (aka JoTong, our TagTeam member) and Uncle Wong Woi Kan. Together, even before applying for our Neutering Aid, they had already got 75 dogs neutered through their own efforts. Since July 2022, under our aid, 88 dogs have been neutered in the Balakong area (and still counting)!

Their CNRM work is absolutely amazing and praiseworthy; it is what I would describe as CNRM in its pristine and purest form. The dogs are all very well looked after and are fed daily, with JoTong and Uncle Wong taking turns to feed them on alternate days. Most of the dogs are returned to colony where they continue living and doing their CNRM-duty of preventing other dogs from entering. Young puppies are rehomed to loving families. Sick dogs are given medical treatment until recovery. Adult dogs with special needs are also relocated to areas where they are safe and cared for.

Before this, the only aid JoTong and Uncle Wong have received from us is from our Neutering Aid and the new Medical Aid. We are now extending our Food Aid to their many dogs too as their CNRM work is truly exemplary.

JoTong and Uncle Wong are both very surprised and grateful by this invitation to be recipients of our Food Aid. JoTong admits that tears welled up in her eyes almost immediately when she was informed of the invitation as she did not expect it at all.

Well, happiness is being able to make others happy, so it goes both ways! It is such a blessing, both ways!

However, as always, priority will still be given to our Neutering, Vaccination and Medical (in that order) Aid and only surplus funds will be channeled to this Food Aid. We are currently also helping two other shelters with Food Aid.

JoTong’s self-introduction when she was invited to join our TagTeam:

JoTong’s recent feeding session:

About Uncle Wong Woi Kan:

If you would like to chip in to feed these 150 dogs cared for by JoTong and Uncle Wong, we deeply appreciate your kind contribution:

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