Indy’s doppleganger or….?

This is a photo from MunMun’s Furry Sanctuary, taken yesterday…

Check out the black-and-white cat in the background…

This one.

Oh no!!!  Is that Indy???

The markings on the face is uncannily similar, right? But…aha, Indy has a tell-tale classic “ink heart” on his body. Do you see it in the picture below?

It’s the shape of a BIG heart, which is what Indy has!!

Now, is that cat at MunMun’s a doppleganger of Indy’s?


Did Indy secretly call a Grab car and paid a visit to see the cats at MunMun’s?

With Indy, you’ll never really know…

Indy!!! What did you do yesterday?

I don’t know what you did!!