Indy’s crazy meal times and the new inter-catio fighters

Why am I up at 3.30am?

It’s actually been a daily occurrence.

It’s due to Indy’s crazy meal times. He doesn’t want to eat with the rest for reasons only known to him and him alone. So he demands for food at the oddest hours.

Yes, like at 3.00am. Or worse, at 1.00am when you’ve just gone into deep sleep.

And you must be wondering why I couldn’t just serve the food and quickly get back to sleep?

The reason is: AKIRA

Akira’s specialty is in stealing food, but not in any violent or aggressive manner. She just puts her mouth as close as possible to the bowl and waits, and she knows our three Super Seniors would move away and give way to her. She knows it.

So I served Indy and have to catch Akira and hold her down. Sometimes, if she is too difficult to hold down, I have to cage her and whether I cage her or I hold her down, I have to stay awake and cannot go back to bed until Indy’s had his fill.

And if you are wondering why I cannot just give Akira her own bowl of food?

It’s because she WANTS Indy’s renal kibble. But she is still a kitten and should not eat renal kibble as it doesn’t contain the nutrition in the composition that she, as a healthy kitten, needs.

Will she eat if I give her any other food which is suitable for her, like wet food or even Cindy’s kibble? No, she will not. She will still go for Indy’s renal kibble.

Hence, I have to stay awake to hold her down until Indy finishes his meal to his heart’s content.

That is why I’m awake at this unearthly hour right now and writing this.

The things we do for our cats, right? Especially the ones who insists on eating at 3.00am.

I didn’t take a photo of Indy eating because I was too busy holding down Akira. This is after Indy had finished his meal and it’s Samantha eating Indy’s leftovers. Sigh…she also should not be eating renal kibble, but at least she’s an adult cat, so it’s okay once in a while.

Meanwhile, just now, I tried something risky – I added water to Indy’s kibble and to my surprise, he licked up all the water and ate the partially soaked kibble!

The disadvantage of kibble is that it is dry and very lacking in moisture which is the main reason why it should be given only as a snack and not a staple diet. The next reason is that like it or not, it contains carbohydrates (you cannot make any kibble without carbohydrates, in whatever form they report it as, it’s still carbs and cats do not digest carbs that well).

We cannot do anything about the carbs, but as for the dryness, we can add water, but which self-respecting cat would eat soaked kibble, right? Consider yourself REALLY lucky if your cat is willing to eat it!

Well, Indy did, just now! I’m lucky!

The best would still be eating wet food, but if your cat is so fussy and choosy (like Tabs and Riley too), let’s hope they are willing to eat soaked kibble and the problem with soaked kibble is that once it is soaked, it starts to spoil faster and you cannot keep it for the next meal. It’s pretty much like soaked cereals – who likes that, right?

Meanwhile, here are some earlier dinner photos:

Only Indra and Kai were eating. Note the other two bowls. Of course they ate up food from the other bowls as well.

Akira and Samantha were too busy playing. Can you find Akira?

Yes, that’s her. This spot is a peep hole – a favourite spot for inter-catio fights.

Can you see Rey on the other side?

Now, we have a pair of new inter-catio fighters. Guess who they are.

Rey and Samantha. Yes, these two are the new fighters and the din that they make!! My goodness!!

So, whenever we hear war cries, it is likely to be the following:

Cow Mau and Robin or Smurfy
Indy and Robin or Smurfy
Robin and Smurfy

The the latest pair: Rey and Samantha.

We’ve had our sleep interrupted for many nights now because of Rey and Samantha.

The things our cats do, right?!!

It’s 4.03am now. Can I go back to sleep? I hope so. I have a long day ahead.