Gerald and Misty’s devotion to each other

Sometime last week, Gerald was “missing” for breakfast and if you remember, I wrote about how Misty came but simply refused to eat. She was definitely hungry, but she would not eat without her best friend.

Luckily after a few hours, Gerald came back so the two had a good belated breakfast.

This morning, I went out to the porch to feed them and this time, Misty was missing. I went out to the road to check and there were no signs of her.

Now, Gerald is ALWAYS hungry, but he too refused to eat. I tried to coax him, but he simply refused. The food was laid out, he sniffed at it, almost wanted to eat, but he moved away and kept looking around…for Misty, obviously.

But Misty did not come, so I packed up all the food and went in to feed our other cats first. The sequence of feeding is always (1) Tabs and Riley, if they would eat, that is, (2) Porch Cats, (3) Ginger’s Catio and lastly, (4) Bunny’s Place.

After I had finished at Bunny’s Place, I went back out to the porch to check and lo behold…Gerald and Misty came bounding to the feeding station!

Misty is back!!!

Finally! Now, they could eat.

Gerald and Misty’s devotion to each other is exemplary. But this kind of attachment is not so good for them, I know. And yet, one cannot but admire their dedication to each other, just like what some humans have for their loved ones. Or even more, actually. I know of some humans where food comes first in their heart and mind. Nothing else but food. Those gluttons!!

In all our cats, I’ve observed that food does not come first for them. It is the feeling of safety – this comes first. When they feel safe (and of course, healthy and perhaps even, happy?), they will eat.