Oh no…another new pair of fighters, Rey-Lynx

Rey never used to be a fighter at all.

Not at all.

And least of all, Lynx.

When the rest of them or any other cats fight, Lynx actually distances himself far, far away from the war zone.

Rey and Lynx were both very peaceful cats.

Why, when Rey used to go over to Bunny’s Place, did he pick a fight with anyone? Of course not, he just peacefully scaled Stargate to go over to lepak with the seniors. No fight ever broke out then.

Ever since we sealed up Stargate, Rey cannot jump over anymore. It was also not good for him on the long term because of the impact of the very high jump on his joints.

So now, back to the fight this morning. Who fought?

Rey and Lynx, believe it or not!!

From the back, Rey, Lynx and Robin.

Robin is already a fighter. He fights with his big brother, Smurfy.

As much as the Monsters fight with each other, they NEVER ever fight with Uncle Ginger. He’s their mentor, their favourite uncle, their hero.

Robin consoling Lynx?


I don’t know why but practically every male cat we’ve looked after has ended up as a super alpha-cat despite the fact they weren’t so to begin with.

Is it because we’ve always been a multi-cat household? I think that must be the reason.

Or is it something else?

My husband says it’s because I sayang them too much. So this gives them the proverbial “face” (“Face” is only understood in a Malaysian context; it is a amalgamation of “confidence, advantage, privilege”.) If you are Malaysian, you will know what “face” means exactly!!

Riley: I witnessed the entire fight. I was so, so scared.

Indeed, it was frightening for little Riley. Rey came over to claw on the screen door when Riley was watching, as though saying, “What are you watching? It’s none of your business, you twerp!”

Poor Riley…

This is Jayden and Ryan’s safari-viewing station. Riley uses it too.