Why is naughty Akira in the house?

This is not a trip for pleasure. Akira is inside the house because Indy is having his meal (at his own crazy time – Indy doesn’t eat with the rest of the cats, he demands for food whenever he pleases, like at 3am in the morning!), so I have to isolate Akira from it. Otherwise, Akira will steal Indy’s food and Indy, being the gentleman that he is, will always give way to the younger cats.

I’ve recently discovered that Indy likes RC renal kibble freshly soaked in water (that means with water just added in fresh). So, I don’t have to handfeed him. He will eat this on his own.

But, Akira loves renal kibble (it isn’t suitable for her at all). So she will smell it from wherever she is and go for it.

The Blondies are quite a spoilt lot, actually. They have never known danger or hunger, never had to fend for themselves, have had everything served to them on a silver platter right from the time they were born! And now, our Super Seniors give in to them all the time, so lagi spoilt rotten!!

So while Indy is eating, I have to either cage her, hold on to her tight (apply a restraining order on her) or isolate her from Bunny’s Place. So for this meal, I decided to put her in the house.

She can play with Riley, her older sister.

The Blondies are growing up fast! And to think that just seven months ago, I was handfeeding them as itsy bitsy teeny weeny little babies in my palm!






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