Misty and Gerald might as well be twins and other porch tales

For dinner yesterday, Gerald decided he didn’t want Coco&Joe’s. Instead, he only wanted cut-up chicken meat.

And Misty followed Gerald too…exactly! She too refused to eat her Coco&Joe’s and only wanted cut-up chicken meat.

Are these two twins??

Of course they are not! But they might as well be, right?

With Gerald being the elder one and the leader!

Creamy made an appearance this morning. But he only comes for raw food and nothing else. I guess he gets kibble and canned from “home”? So he only comes for “dessert”, which is raw food.

He has finished his share.

Well, just a wee bit more won’t hurt, right?

Today, Gerald and Misty had raw food (Coco&Joe’s) and Cindy’s canned Tender Chicken. Gave some to Creamy too, but he only wanted raw food and nothing else.