The junkies who demand for a kibble dessert and the princess who snatches food

Who are our junkies?

Here are Kai and Indra dutifully eating their raw food for breakfast while Cleo eats her Hill’s KD renal canned food.

But after that, it usually starts with Cleo demanding for some dessert (after meal snack), which, for her, is RC renal kibble.

And once Cleo gets it, the scent will immediately attract Akira and Samantha, followed by Kai now.

Indra doesn’t eat any kibble. Smart girl.

So while Cleo is still eating her RC renal kibble, Akira, Samantha and Kai get Cindy’s grainfree chicken kibble. But I know Akira will surely try to wrestle the RC renal kibble from Cleo. It’s a daily occurrence. That is why I will end up caging her to isolating her somewhere.

I brought Indy over to his snack too.

See what I mean, once you don’t watch her, there….she’s stolen Cleo’s kibble.

Indy eats soaked renal kibble. But…

…it got hijacked by Akira! What a naughty princess!