Indy to the vet’s (kidney readings down a little but blood pressure is HIGH)

Next was Indy’s turn.

CKD and PCV check:
Crea 426 (from 573 to 455 and now, 426, so this is encouraging.)
Urea 24.5 (from 36.8 to 23.5 to 24.5)
Phos 1.69 (good, previously at 1.9, so this is an improvement). Maybe the Astro’s Oil’s Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub is working as it also works as a phosphate binder. Although 1.9 is within the normal range, the vet says it’s best if it gets down to around 1.6, so this is good.

Blood PCV was 29% (like Cleo, also no need Darbepoetin.)

Subcut to be maintained at 225ml per day.

For the loose stools, a fecal examination was done, but it revealed nothing out of the ordinary; just the expected fecal bacteria. Indy’s temperature was also normal. The vet checked back his records and decided to give him a Methycobal (B-12) injection and prescribed ProMax (paste) probiotics for six days. This worked the last time he had loose stools. So I’m really hoping it would work again. Fingers crossed!

This worked the last time in February this year. It is a probiotic paste.

As we were about to go home, the vet said it might be better to check Indy’s blood pressure too as this has not been checked yet. CKD normally comes with high blood pressure.

So in went Indy again for a blood pressure check-up (Doppler) and to my shock, his systolic reading was 180mmHg, which is definitely high! Luckily we had it checked. So Indy was prescribed Amlodipine (1/8 tab) once a day to address his high blood pressure.

The problem with Indy is that he showed no symptoms of high blood pressure. So we thought he was all okay. Even the vet said Indy looked good. But Indy has been gradually losing weight since January this year. He has lost about 1kg. Today, he gained 200g, though, compared to last week. Well, not losing weight is good.

I hope the ProMax treatment will work for the loose (oatmeal) stools. The last time in February 2023, ProMax also solved his loose stool problem. Meanwhile, the vet said I could continue giving him Slippery Elm Bark and raw rabbit.

But I certainly did not expect Indy to have high blood pressure. He didn’t show any symptoms, but I’m relieved that at least we know now and he is on the necessary medication.

Indy, our medical mystery!

Indy’s next visit is in a month.

Our Indy Jones aka Zorro aka Spider-Cat aka Crash Bandicoot aka Batman aka Dr Strange!

But most of all, Indy has a heart of gold (look at the ink heart on his body!).