Riley has loose stools now

It doesn’t rain, it pours!

Riley and Tabs share two litter boxes; one in the downstairs bathroom and one in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

I found loose stools in both litter boxes today, so was it from Riley or Tabs?

Or Kai, since Kai has been coming into the Safehouse to play too?

Now, let’s do an elimination process here….

I don’t think the downstairs loose poop was Kai’s since she isn’t here all day and she definitely wasn’t here last night. The loose stools in the downstairs bathroom were discovered early this morning. This means someone did that late last night or early this morning. I can safely rule Kai out of this downstairs poop.

The loose stools upstairs, well, I found that mid-morning today when I went upstairs. It was actually Kai who alerted me to it. Kai had some in to play by then. I went upstairs and she mewed loudly to lead me to that litter box.

So was this Kai’s? Maybe or maybe not.

I’m more inclined to think that both loose poop came from just one cat.

Then I saw Tabs straining to poop in the litter box downstairs. Uh-oh… But nothing came out. Then a bit later, she tried again and this time something did come out and it certainly wasn’t loose stools. In fact, it was very well formed stools.

So that rules Tabs out.

This means most likely the loose stools belonged to Riley.

In any case, I have given her steamed pumpkin and one capsule of Bioflor now. Both are safe. Bioflor is Saccharomyces Boulardii, a probiotic.

Let’s hope this solves the mystery as well as the loose poop.

Riley doesn’t eat very much at each meal. She snacks all day. Small amounts only. That is just the way she eats. So, that’s fine for now.


Tabs, I know it’s not you.

Okay, Kai, it’s likely not to be you too.

It must be Riley.







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