Ginger’s tummy upset

Ginger has been having some tummy-ache for the past few days. It started with vomiting.

I have been giving him Famotidine liquid in the morning.

Then, he didn’t have much appetite as well, but I think it’s more of getting nauseated at the scent of the food that he ate when he was vomiting, so I switched him over to canned food, which was fine.

I think he is okay now. We did not need a vet trip…phew!

Back to raw food now.

Ginger and Tabs are roughly the same age.

I can only estimate that they were born in early 2011, so both are 12 plus this year. Tabs came to our house in November 2011 and the vet estimated her to be 7 months old (got her spayed). Ginger was neutered from the playground by his feeder under our aid before we moved here. His neutering was claimed in December 2011. The feeder knows he was about 7-8 months old then.

While Cow Mau (17+), Cleo (16+) and Indy (15) are our Super Seniors, Tabs and Ginger (both 12+) are our Seniors. Next will be a big gap…

Minnie (estimated at 4 years plus) with her sons, Smurfy (estimated at 3 years 7 months) and Rey, Lynx and Robin (exactly 3 years 4 months).

Next comes Gerald, Creamy, Misty and Samantha, all estimated to be about 2 years plus, and finally, the Blondies (exactly 8 months old on the 10th of this month).

I have to live on for at least another 20 years!!!







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