The search for Misty and the Porch Code

As always, I would serve breakfast to Gerald, Misty and Creamy at the porch first before the rest of the cats.

Creamy and Gerald were both at the porch waiting, as usual, but Misty wasn’t there.

I went out, both were mewing loudly, especially Gerald. I went out to the gate to look and call for Misty but no one turned up.

So I thought I’d feed Creamy and Gerald first. I served the food and both of them came, hungry.

But, they refused to eat even one bite. They just circled the food bowls, mewing very loudly.

Even Creamy refused to eat. Gerald, okay, I expected that as he has behaved that way before. For Gerald and Misty, one will not eat without the other. It is the Porch Code and it looks like even Creamy observes it now.

Well, when you eat at the porch, you observe the Porch Code. There’s no two ways about it.

So I had to go search for Misty and I did, but she was nowhere to be found.

I knew it would have been a waste of time to keep coaxing the two boys to eat as they simply refused.

It is the Porch Code. Nobody, least of all, me, should violate it.

So I decided not to waste time as the rest of the cats were waiting and mewing.

I went to feed Ginger and the Monsters at the catio. Poor Gerald came mewing at Stargate2. Obviously, he was mewing for Misty, his best friend. Even Ginger and a few of the Monsters stopped eating to entertain Gerald at Stargate2.

“We cannot help you, Gerald, we are confined in this catio”, they seemed to say to poor Gerald.

I felt helpless too. Cats are not like dogs. They do whatever they like, not what you like.

So I told Gerald to go look for Misty. Go, Gerald, go find Misty and bring her back.

After the catio, I went to feed everyone at Bunny’s Place.

Gerald’s “search” led him to the roof of Bunny’s Place and he was mewing loudly there.

This distracted all the cats.

 I guess that being such a vocal cat, poor Gerald decided to lament to everyone.

Well, everyone was sympathetic.

The Blondies love distractions, so it was an excuse not to have to eat. Yay for them!

Only Cow Mau, Cleo and Samantha ate their breakfast. The Blondies were too busy “helping” Gerald. Indy was….well, being Indy.

It took a long while for the Blondies to finally settle down and I got them to eat.

I think it was only after half an hour than FINALLY….

I suddenly saw Misty bounding from the roof to the ledge!

The great reunion!!!!

I quickly finished up at Bunny’s Place and went out to the porch to feed Misty, Gerald and hopefully, Creamy hasn’t left.

The reunion of the Porch Cats!!

You cannot find two better feline friends than these two.

Humans have lots of learn from cats, don’t they?






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