Gerald’s mild gastro issue and the lifesaving food-remedies

Gerald has been having some mild gastro issues lately. For a few days, he did not feel like eating his usual Coco&Joe raw food.

Whenever this happens, I think it must be due to some nausea where the cat might have vomited and is now associating that unpleasant feeling with the smell of the food which they have eaten prior to vomiting.

If that is the case, the trick is to give them a totally new food with a totally new smell.

My go-to food-remedy for this is none other than Cindy’s Originals Tender Chicken in Broth or Cindy’s Originals (puree with goat milk) Tender Chicken in Broth (I call this Cindy’s Baby Food because it’s a pureed paste).

So far, it has always worked. The reason I use chicken and not tuna is that chicken is a more basic and primal food for cats. A wild cat’s ancestral food is fowl, bird and rodent. Not fish.

There are only two chicken flavours for this variety, namely, Tender Chicken and Tender Chicken with Salmon. Both contain shredded chicken in broth.

If those two fail, then my next go-to is this “baby food”. This one is meant for kittens and cats with special needs. I use the chicken flavour though it also comes in tuna white meat. I used to rely on this totally to feed Cleo her medicines and supplements. It is truly a life-saver. Now, I just Ciao treats for this purpose so that there is more variety for Cleo.

This morning, Gerald regained his appetite by leaps and bounds and devoured too much Coco&Joe’s. This over-eating resulted in massive vomiting in three spots in the porch. Everything came out!

Then, Gerald was hungry again. Very hungry. And kept mewing nonstop for food.

He ate one round. Misty had some too.

And he asked for more.

And more!

All in, between the two of them, they ate THREE cans of Cindy’s Tender Chicken! Even that wasn’t enough for him. But I think he should not over-eat again.

This trick always works after a cat has vomited. When they are hungry and starts asking for food, just give them something very different. They will eat if the vomiting is only a mild gastro issue.

All our cats love these flavours of Cindy’s Originals too.



Cow Mau and Cleo.

Ginger too was having some gastro issues recently and I solved it exactly the same way. He is fine now.

As always, this is only a sharing. Do please consult your veterinarian for professional advice.



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