Molly’s bereavement and her new friends (updates from Imm’s Shelter)

If you remember, Molly and Jacky were best of friends and they were living in Judy’s house (and not the shelter) because Jacky had terminal kidney failure. All animals who require special care from Imm’s Shelter get to be fostered in volunteers’ homes. Molly does not have any illness, but she was brought to Judy’s house as a companion for Jacky because they were best friends at the shelter.

But Jacky passed away on 3rd October 2023 and his passing left an emptiness in Molly.

Judy’s updates today:

It’s been more than a week since Jacky’s passing on 3/10/11. Molly stil in bereavement 💖

Pepper & Fifi will lie beside Molly to let her know they’re there for her.

Molly’s eating so I am not so worried. Pepper and Fifi have been really good to Molly since Jacky’s passing.

Dogs are the best, aren’t they? They provide comfort, support, faithfulness and friendship, not only to their humans but also to each other. Their love extends across species. From my own experience, our dog, Bobby, looked after every single kitten I’ve ever brought back home too. 

And dogs (as well as cats) grieve for their loved ones who have passed away. They need to mourn, just like us. So we, as their humans, owe it to them to provide them with the extra moral support and tender loving care that they need in their difficult times too.

Hopefully, Pepper and Fifi will be Molly’s new best friends in time to come.

Stay strong and be well, Molly. You’ve been such a good friend to Jacky.