Kudos to the Angkatan Pertahanan Awam for the rescue of a kitten!

This is a rescue story from my friend, Yim Soi Chee and it happened in July 2020! Please do read it, the Angkatan Pertahanan Awam (Civil Defence Forces) responded when she called 999 and they used a youtube video of a mother cat’s call to get the kitten to start mewing. Then, they used water to wash out the kitten from the pipe, with one member on standby to catch the kitten from the other end of the pipe!

Here’s the story, in Soi Chee’s own words:

My maid and I heard …kitten crying for days … I am sure you know how torturous it was to us … we tried to locate the fella and at the end my maid said it could be trapped at the kitchen roof of back neighbour house.

Previously, my maid had rescued a Siamese kitten by climbing onto the roof, but this one was impossible because we couldn’t get in or locate the kitten … so I called 999!

And then they sent a rescue team over , in blue uniform. Not bomba. This team tried to locate the kitten … the kitten of course dare not made a sound … they open ab it of the back neigbour roof … with permission from the neighbour … still no kitten . They said ok no kitten inside . So they drove off ….

One hour later to my horror … meow meow meow …. 🥶omg what a torture ! I call 999 again ! This time another team came . This team … was smart … they found mother cat calling kitten voice from the YouTube … and they put it on speaker … one minute later the kitten responded!

The kitten wasn’t in the roof it was trapped between the roof top down pipe to the kitchen gutter.

No way to get the kitten out because the fella hide in the pipe, we were sure that the mother cat gave birth in the roof top and the kitten accidentally fell into the down pipe.

So this team was good … they climbed all the way up to the roof and using my water pipe, they poured a bucket of water down the pipe and one of the member stood by the end of the pipe and caught the kitten when it was washed out by the water. 


Respect them so much! Good team! After my case they had to rush to a nearby located where a kitten got stuck inside the car engine bay.

This if the Civil Defence Forces: https://www.civildefence.gov.my/

Fast forwarding after the rescue, Soi Chee got the kitten adopted into a loving home! Soi Chee named him Hey Hey (meaning “black” in Chinese) but this new family named him Felix, so his full name became Hey Hey Felix!!

Lucky kitty!

All thanks to the Angkatan Pertahanan Awam team for their rescue effort and Soi Chee and her helper for not giving up!

Let’s be inspired!!







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