The Blondies’ portraits!

Caught them altogether again!

Now let’s see, we have had several feline families living with us.

  1. Cow Mau, Bunny, Pole, Cleo – they weren’t physically close. In fact, they imposed a 1 metre-radius physical distancing from each other, or a fight might break out! But Cow looked after his siblings and Cleo too. Actually, Cow looked after everyone regardless of any blood relations. Pole only played her motherly role for four months, then she kicked all her kittens away.
  2. Daffodil, Ginger and Rosie – Daffodil is still the winner of the “Mother of the Century” award until this day. She doted over her two children throughout her life, protecting them all the way.
  3. Minnie, Smurfy, Rey, Lynx and Robin – Minnie also played her motherly role for about four months, then she escaped to the outdoors. But she came back daily to visit her sons. Now, she is only close to Smurfy and Ginger. She adores Ginger!
  4. Samantha, Kai, Akira and Indra – Samantha didn’t know how to be a mother at the beginning. She just wanted to escape and be free again. So I ended up handfeeding her babies. But now, she is affectionate towards them.

Lain kucing, lain ragam!

Or maybe, affection works both ways, right?






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