Indy’s oatmeal poop came back….sigh

Ever since Indy’s finished his Promax, the consistency of his stools gradually went back to being soft at first, then as of this morning, it was back to the oatmeal poop again.


Promax worked…initially and from the oatmeal texture, it became formed stools, just soft. But it deteriorated after he finished his Promax, at a gradual rate. I quickly started him on Bioflor (which is the Saccharomyces Boulardii probiotic) but it does not work.

We’ve tried practically everything on my go-to list for loose stools and nothing works. This afternoon, I gave him Maximus Pro GI and it clearly did not work because I just picked up oatmeal poop.

This time, I’m sure it is Indy because our CCTV camera works now, and I was able to playback the video. It’s Indy’s, 100%.

When I was searching for another seller for Astro’s Oil’s renal care package, my friend recommended this seller and coincidentally, she also sells many other holistic products for pets. So, I’ve ordered a product called Fera Pet Organics Probiotics & Prebiotics:

This online seller actually has a best-seller for loose stools, but this other product (Feline Gut Soothe from Adored Beasts) contains L-Glutamine, which is not recommended for CKD cats because it can increase the creatinine level.

From the internet:

Both short-term (20-30 g within a few hours) and long-term (0.1 g/kg four times daily for 2 weeks) glutamine supplementation in healthy athletes were associated with no significant adverse effects, but it can cause glomerulosclerosis and serum creatinine level elevation in the setting of diabetic nephropathy.

They also have another product called Love Bugs, which is more basic and can also be used, but I decided to place my bet on Fera Pet’s product. There is currently no stock and stock is expected to arrive on Monday.

Feline Gut Soothe

Love Bugs

So I went back to the clinic and bought another syringe of Promax to tide over until Fera Pet’s arrives. At least we know Promax did the job, only it didn’t last the moment we finished it. Maybe Indy needs it a bit longer?

I really hope something works for Indy this round! Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board again. So what’s new for Indy, right?

He’s been passing out loose stools twice a day now. The consistency is getting worse each time, but as per Indy’s style, he’s his usual self and doesn’t seem affected much by it.

Kai is staring at the spot where I had just scooped Indy’s stools. Sigh…I guess that would be her idiosyncracy!

What is she waiting for? Maybe for little bugs or something?