Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold and Fera Organics Probiotics & Prebiotics (for Indy and Cleo)

I’m SO excited!

I just ordered these products from Honu Paws Malaysia (an online seller) and they arrived today!! Delivery was so fast and it’s been so pleasant communicating with the seller, Ms Alda, as she is a genuinely concerned and dedicated person. She is also a rescuer in her own right!

Before I get on with these two products, I would like to share their list of holistic products: Honu Paws Customer Retail Price List_Sep23 (1)

I have not used any of these products except for the Astro’s Oil’s renal package for Pole previously and now for Cleo and Indy, but it is really a list of very interesting products. Please check with your veterinarian for advice regarding the suitability of these products for your animals.

Now, I found that Astro’s Fish Oil and Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub is not effective on Cleo. For Indy, yes, but not for Cleo, so I wanted to explore other products for her.

I read about Pet Wellbeing’s Kidney Support Gold a few years ago, during Pole’s time, but it was only sold overseas and the seller did not ship to Malaysia. Well, I got so excited when I heard Ms Alda sells it now!!

Kidney Support Gold – for Cat Kidney Function

Look at the reviews! They are amazing!

Judging from the reviews, I have very high hopes that it would help Cleo and I cannot wait to try it.

There is a calculator for the dosage in the link above. Convert the weight of the cat to lbs first, then use the slider in the calculator to check the dosage.

It’s 4 drops for Cleo and 5 drops for Indy, twice a day.

As for Indy, I wanted to find something for his loose stools, so I chose Fera Organics Probiotics and Prebiotics:

The products arrived a few moments ago along with a surprise free gift of dehydrated chicken treats! Thank you, Honu Paws, for the very kind gesture!

I’m told that Kidney Support Gold can replace Astro’s Fish Oil and Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub, but it cannot replace the protein. Just as well, I’m also ordering Astro’s Protein from Honu Paws. It has not been easy feeding the fish oil to Cleo, actually. She doesn’t like it.

I fed Cleo and Indy this Kidney Support Gold (liquid) just now by mixing it with some Ciao treat. The Kidney Support Gold smelled REALLY nice, like chicken essence. It has a very meaty smell and both Cleo and Indy did not reject it. I might have to figure out a more efficient way to feed this liquid to them, though.

But it wasn’t stressful feeding the it to Cleo and Indy. I think they actually love the taste!! Well, who wouldn’t? It definitely smells like chicken essence.

I hope this product will help Indy with his loose stool problem.

Honu Paws has other products for loose stools too but their best seller is not suitable for CKD cats. I truly appreciate Ms Alda taking a special interest in knowing about her “customers” and giving valuable and caring advice.

This is the dehydrated chicken treat. It looks like an inhouse brand.

Indy with Cow Mau.


Thank you very much, Honu Paws!

And last but not least, a big thank you to my dear friend and comrade-in-cat-care, Anita Chen, for recommending Honu Paws to me!!