Honest Paws’ dehydrated raw chicken treat (a fundraiser product) and other new foods

Honu Paws was so kind to give me a free gift when I ordered their products for Indy and Cleo. This would be their homegrown brand, Honest Paws’ dehydrated raw kampung chicken treat.

Riley loved it! It might serve as a wholesome dental treat as well.

It has wholesome ingredients too!

I know there’s several schools of thought when it comes to raw food and what’s best for our cats. Some say cats are obligate carnivores and therefore do not need any vegetables or greens at all as you won’t find them eating greens in the wild. But some say 5% of greens is good as fiber for them. Based on my own cats, our cats do eat grass all the time. And also based on my barefoot experience with Bunny who had constipation in his final months, I’d say fiber helps in a cat’s diet. But that’s just my own opinion. Do consult an expert nutritionist for professional advice.

Honest Paws has four flavours: Honest Paws Wholesome Treats (1)
(this document has the old pricing, though)

It’s also a fundraiser product and 100% of their profits go to the animal rescue work and supporting the rescue community!


Akira loves it very much! Oops, Akira and Riley are not your neatest eaters!

The Monsters and Ginger devoured it! Well, they are monsters, right?

Cleo is eating it too. Well, she should not since she is a CKD cat, but I’m not too strict with CKD diet on her and Indy because at their age, my principle is “as long as they eat” or even better, “as long as they eat willingly and like it”!

Having an appetite is a good thing for anyone. Better still, if they enjoy their food.

Ginger polishing the last of it!

I’m ordering some more for them. It’s good to have variety. Now, they only have Cubgrub’s dehydrated chicken as a dental treat and I also buy Greenies, but I’m not too happy with the grains (wheat) in Greenies. So since they like Honest Paws’ dehydrated treats, I might just switch to this.

Also, Primal Freeze-Dried is out of stock and constantly out of stock, Honu Paws carries Feline Natural Freeze-Dried: https://www.felinenatural.com/collections/freeze-dried

However, it is quite pricey…

Our fussy and spoilt-rotten cats need variety!! Even our Porch Cats do. Today, Creamy boycotted breakfast as I didn’t know what he wanted. Oh well…he will come again this evening.







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