Visiting Cleo at the clinic (hospitalisation)

For new readers, Cleo is 16 years old plus (born on 19th February 2007 in my daughter’s wardrobe). She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in September 2019 (four years ago) and has been on subcut since then.

On 17th September 2023, a routine blood test revealed that her creatinine level had shot up to 467, urea to 24.1. Previous years, it just her creatinine level just hovered around the vicinity of 225. Cleo also has high blood pressure and is on Amlodipine. We quickly ramped up her subcut from 200ml thrice-weekly to 175ml-200ml daily.

Cleo had been on Renal-N as well and now the dosage is doubled. I also started her on Astro’s Oil’s fish oil and nitrogen-creatinine scrub but these two products have not shown any positive results so far. Instead, everything I’ve done has not borne any good results, her creatinine and urea levels keep rising gradually.

Cleo also has proteinuria now and is on Semintra.

Two days ago, I managed to source for Kidney Support Gold, a supplement I had read very good reviews on but was unable to get it previously for my other CKD cats (Vincent, Pole and Bunny) because the overseas seller did not ship to Malaysia. Now, there is a local seller. So I started Cleo on Kidney Support Gold too. Pole was Cleo’s mother and Bunny was her uncle. They both also had CKD. It could be a genetic factor at play here.

This morning, I found a big patch of bloody vomitus. To cut a long story short, I took all three of our Super Seniors to the clinic and there, we managed to identify that it was Cleo’s vomitus. At the vet’s today, Cleo’s creatinine level shot even higher, to a reading of 741. Her blood PCV also dived to an all-time low of just 17%. With the frightening bloody vomitus, the sky-high creatinine level and the dip of the blood PCV, I agreed to let Cleo be placed on drips, hospitalised for at least 3 days. I cannot do the IV-drip at home, so the hospitalisation has to be done. Cleo was given Darbepoetin to boost her blood PCV.

So I left Cleo at the clinic to take Indy and Cow Mau home. The vet administered transdermal Gabapentin to calm Cleo for an hour before putting the IV-drip on her. Cleo is an easily-stressed cat so the Gabapentin is very necessary.

For details on her medication:

I went to visit Cleo again this evening, and also to bring her medicines from home.

Cleo was sleeping when I entered the boarding area. She looked rather sad. But I dare say, I think my presence really cheered her up.

Hi Cleo!!

I brought more food for her, her blanket, her medicines from home and also the Kidney Support Gold to feed her. I had to take it back as she is sharing the bottle with Indy and there is only one dropper. But I will be taking it there to feed her twice daily.

As aloof as she seems to be, Cleo is actually a very affectionate cat (manja) and wants affection from us. She thrives on it. I spent quite long there with her, talking to her and stroking her. Ming-Yi also video-called Cleo while I was there. She finishes work late and is not able to visit.

The vet says it is best to let Cleo rest as much as possible and I agree.

So after about 45 minutes, I drove up in the heavy rain. I felt sad having to leave her there. I doubt she knows why even though I explained as best I could. But I really hope the IV-drip (the fluids) will make her feel much more comfortable and hopefully, this will liven her up and perhaps make her realise that being there can be good too.

Later, the vet sent me this video and said that Cleo is secretly eating!

Well, eating, albeit secretly, is GOOD!

Eat up, Cleo! And sleep well.

I will visit her again tomorrow.