Visiting Cleo this evening (now low blood pressure)

Ming-Yi and I visited Cleo this evening.

I had thought about and had planned to ask if I could bring Cleo home since nothing much can be done for her anymore. I might as well bring her home where she is more comfortable in familiar surroundings. The vet agreed and proceeded to give her the IV-antibiotics, then convert all medication to oral, so that we can take her home.

Yay Cleo, we are going home!

However, Cleo’s blood pressure was taken and it was found to be low now (hypotension). It was only 85mmHg this evening. Before all this happened, Cleo’s blood pressure hovered around 150mmHg. This dip in the blood pressure is probably due to the adjustment in the medication, namely, Semintra (at a measurement of 3.2) and Amlodipine (1/6th of a tablet). Cleo was on 1/8th for more than a year now and the Semintra started at 3.2 because that was her weight then. But her weight has gone down to 2.8 now. Cleo’s high blood medicine (Amlodipine) was increased to 1/6th on 4th October 2023 when her blood pressure was found to be high. I understand that it was important then to bring down her blood pressure. I just didn’t expect it to dip so much.

Also, I think the blood vomitus had something to do with bringing her pressure down as well. We had not thought of checking her blood pressure that day, but that was just two days ago and so much has been happening since then.

So now, the vet has to adjust her high blood medication. And because of this, it was advised that Cleo should stay one more day until tomorrow so that we could use the IV-drip to help control her blood pressure.

Hopefully the blood pressure will rise a bit tomorrow. Then, she can come home.

An ear-prick PBF (peripheral blood film) was done to check her blood profile. From this, it was found that Cleo now has elevated white blood cells which means the vet was right – there is some infection somewhere which happened acutely and this was not revealed in the PBF on Thursday. The PBF today also shows elevated platelets and inflammatory cells. It confirms the anaemia too. But the glimmer of hope is that it also showed new young red blood cells. I can only hope that this means the Darbepoetin is starting to work. Please, please, please.

The senior vet actually wants Cleo to remain at the clinic until Monday, but I worry that the clinic will close at 1pm tomorrow and there won’t be anyone to monitor Cleo except for the evening feeding.

So I really hope I can bring Cleo home tomorrow and monitor her from home.

After all, there isn’t much that the IV-drip can do now.

I explained to Cleo that she had to stay for one more day. Just one more day, Cleo. I will take you home tomorrow, okay. Please be good and patient.

The vet later did an ultrasound on Cleo’s abdomen and found NO bleeding, which is good. If there were, that could have caused the hypotension. Since there is none, it is now all about adjusting the dosage of Amlodipine and Semintra.

We hope Cleo can come home tomorrow. I cannot wait! I’m just so, so anxious and eager to bring her home.

Tomorrow, please come soonest!







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