Sucralfate thrice daily now for Cleo

Seeing how Cleo passed out bloody stools just now, the vet advised to increase the Sucralfate to three times a day and the hold off on the blood thinner first (Clopidogrel).

The sun was so hot, so we carried Cleo back to the cage. At least it’s not direct sunlight. The afternoon sun can be scorching hot. I’ve also washed all of Cleo’s linens and replaced them with fresh sheets.

Managed to give her the Sucralfate just now. It wasn’t as bad as expected. Cleo cooperated very well. What a good girl! I saw how difficult it was for the vet assistants to give that to her at the clinic, though. Maybe she bullied them.

If Cleo continues to cooperate during the medicine feeding sessions, it would make the whole process so much easier.

The vet also told me to standby blood donors in case Cleo needs any. Requirements: Above 5kg, below 7 years old, vaccinated up to date, FIV/FeLV negative.

Only Rey qualifies on all four requirements. Lynx has not been tested for FIV/FeLV. Smurfy is slightly less than 5kg, but he donated blood for Heidi 3 years ago as it was an emergency then. He was actually just about 4kg then, but his blood was a match for Heidi.

Let’s hope Cleo does not need blood transfusion.







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