Cleo’s afternoon and Kidney Support Gold

Although I know there is nothing much we can do for Cleo medically, I am still looking for ways to give her more comfort and serenity.

I was completely thrilled last week when I discovered that Pet Wellbeing’s Kidney Support Gold is available in the Klang Valley now and I quickly ordered a bottle. It arrived on Tuesday and I had already started Cleo and Indy on it. Then, on Thursday, Cleo vomited blood and she went downhill quite fast.

Kidney Support Gold’s reviews are incredibly amazing:

When I first read these reviews, I hoped and hoped that it would turn Cleo around just as it had turned so many cats around (please see the remarkable reviews). But alas, Cleo has too many issues; it’s not just prolonged CKD, it’s also lymphoma and a heart issue.

Then, it was discovered that Cleo, like Cow, has HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), and the vet prescribed blood thinners for her. Once she started on blood thinners on Friday, I had to stop the Kidney Support Gold as the website clearly states that it cannot be given if the animal is on blood thinners.

But now, because of the bleeding, the vet said to stop the blood thinner (Clopidogrel) first, so I did that yesterday, and this means I can restart her on Kidney Support Gold, which I did this morning, in a small dose.

Then I read up again on this product and I gave Cleo another small dose just now. I’m not losing hope.

What I noticed is that all morning, Cleo was sitting in a “hen pose” with her head down, where she wasn’t sleeping at all. I think she wasn’t feeling comfortable, but after I administered the Kidney Support Gold (which is very palatable (tastes like chicken essence) and she doesn’t reject it), Cleo could rest on her side and sleep!


I would do anything for Cleo’s comfort. It’s so nice to see her being able to sleep now.

I remember years ago, when Pole was in her final weeks (I think it was almost 1.5 months – it was very long), I never saw her sleeping. She was always sitting in that “hen pose” with a face that showed discomfort or pain. I felt so helpless at that time. There was nothing much I could do. Whatever I could have done, I already did.

Cleo was in that exact “hen pose” all morning too. I felt the same helplessness again. Until I gave her the Kidney Support Gold and she could sleep! I am thankful.

Thank you, Kidney Support Gold.

Please continue to provide Cleo with better wellbeing for as long as possible.







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