Cleo’s evening

Since 4pm today, Cleo has been recumbent.

I tried to give her the Sucralfate, but she resisted and mewed loudly in protest. So I know she doesn’t want it anymore.

She has very little strength left.

So I brought her into the room and placed her on a mat.

She has been there since and it has been 1.5 hours now. She hasn’t moved.

I hope Cleo is as comfortable as she can be. No more mewing after I placed her here. I think it’s best not to move her anymore.

Cow Mau is nearby.

He knows.

Indy is here too.

Samantha is here as well. Cleo seems to be very peaceful.

Looks like she was able to have a good sleep after I gave her the Kidney Support Gold this afternoon, and now, this.

We thank all friends for their very kind and compassionate wishes. Please help us think of Cleo and wish her a smooth transition, and to be free from pain and suffering.

I have texted our vet to inform her too. She sends her kind wishes and hopes Cleo is in a minimal pain. We couldn’t have asked for a kinder and more compassionate vet. She has looked after Cleo with so much genuine care and concern.

I will be staying by Cleo tonight.