Farewell, our sweetest Cleo

Cleo passed away very, very peacefully at 6.23pm today. My husband and I were with her all the way.

It was at about 6.15pm that I counted her breathing and it was 24, which is normal. The next time I counted, it was 15 so I knew it was slowing down. Cleo did not struggle in any way at all. Her breathing just slowed down.

I called my husband in as I knew she was transitioning. Ming-Yi had already texted from the train back from work that she would like to stop by to see Cleo and would reach at 6.30pm.

So both of us were with her. We told her to go peacefully and we told her we loved her very much.

At 6.20pm, her breathing stopped. Then, she took a few more sporadic breaths until it finally stopped at 6.23pm.

Farewell, our sweetest Cleo.

It was one of the most peaceful and serene passing I have ever witnessed. There were no seizures (I had prepared the seizure medicines on standby but I didn’t have to use them), no struggle, just a very, very quiet and peaceful transition.

I am grateful that there was no painful struggle at the end. It was what I would call a blessed passing.

I informed Ming-Yi, Jia-Wen and the vet and she sent her condolences and also a GIF that she did for Cleo (please see below). She was relieved it was a quick passing too.

Farewell, Cleo. Mummy loves you very, very much.

Ming-Yi dropped in.

Below is the GIF from Cleo’s vet. Indeed, it is such a precious gift.

Looking at it, I shed tears, because I will never be able to see Cleo alive again. But I know this is life. I am grateful she transitioned very peacefully.

Cleo’s decline only began on Thursday when she vomited blood. She was hospitalised as her creatinine had shot through the roof. I brought her back from the hospital yesterday and she was still “okay”. It was only this morning that she became wobbly on her hind legs and she didn’t want to eat anymore. So all in, it was only about 24 hours of steep decline. I’m relieved there was no prolonged suffering.

I will write a tribute to Cleo later. Now, I want to spend time with her for the last time. Her cremation arrangements will be tomorrow.

I will miss Cleo so, so, so much. She was so unique and special, with her own personality.







3 responses to “Farewell, our sweetest Cleo”

  1. Lay Peng

    Wherever Cleo Maybe
    May She Be Well and Happy

  2. Agnes

    Cleo, now you are free from suffering n in a happy place where you can meet your mother.

  3. enny

    My deepest condolences, Dr. Chan.
    Run free, Cleo.