JoTong visits Imm’s Shelter

JoTong made a trip back to Ipoh recently and she visited Judy and Imm at the shelter!

Here are some photos of the lovely cats and dogs, whom JoTong says are very well looked after:

Judy says this is a new young dog who just joined the CNRM colony outside. After Fluff and Harry recovered from the TVT (which we sponsored), Fluff and Dora still cannot be caught yet. JoTong saw the bleeding tumours in them.

Dora and Tuff have TVT and their tumours are growing. Judy is arranging with the darter to catch them. Phantom is a new young dog who needs to be neutered, so he would have to be darted too as they are all impossible to be caught by other means.

Imm, JoTong and Judy