Bunny’s Place this evening, our 2 Super Seniors and the Blondies

I have been maintaining Cleo on subcut for more than four years since she was diagnosed with CKD in September 2019. Now, I don’t have to do it anymore and yes, I miss it. I miss looking after her.

But now, Indy needs the subcut, so my subcut sessions still go on.

Usually I do the feeding at Bunny’s Place last since there are many tasks to do there, for our Super Seniors. They all need their respective supplements and Cleo would want to eat Cow’s leftover food or whoever’s leftover food. Indy has to be force fed. I need at least (the fastest) half an hour at Bunny’s Place to ensure everyone gets whatever they need to get.

The fastest to feed, of course, without a doubt, are the Monsters at Ginger’s Catio! They eat like….well, monsters!!

Well, a bit of a good news now, since Indy started on Kidney Support Gold, he has better appetite and I no longer need to force feed him anymore. In fact, I didn’t even realise this until today – wow, Indy has been eating on his own for many days now!!

Indy is also on Renal-N which is probiotics that works for the kidneys. Many years ago, the drug for this was Azodyl. But from my experience and from the experience of many vets whom I’ve consulted, the general conclusion is: Azodyl doesn’t work. Maybe this is due to the fact that Azodyl is highly unstable and has to be refrigerated. But a few days ago, my vet told me that Renal-N contains pretty much similar ingredients with Azodyl and the good thing about Renal-N is that it doesn’t need refrigeration and is easily administered. I remember using Azodyl many years ago for one of my rescues (I cannot remember who now but it was a very long time ago). It did not work then. But then again, to be fair, to each their own. I’m sure if works for some, and it doesn’t work for others, as with ANY drug on the market.

I’m also waiting for Astro’s Oil’s renal package stock to arrive. Indy was already on their fish oil and Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub since 19th September when he was first diagnosed with a shocking Stage 3 CKD.  But I’ve finished the fish oil now and there is no stock yet.  I’m still giving him the N-C Scrub, though, and since then, Indy’s creatinine readings have gradually gone down. I don’t know which is working, is it Renal-N or Astro’s package? Never mind, just give both!

Astro’s package did give Pole four months of quality life, but after that, nothing worked anymore. She declined, as most CKD cats do. I say “most” and not all, because there are those lucky ones who actually do not decline. They survive.

I hope whatever I’m doing for Indy works for him. Again, to each their own. What works for one may not work for another. We would just have to do our own research, listen to a vet whom we trust, have confidence and do our best. And even if our decision turns out to be not so good, hey, we cannot beat ourselves up. We’ve tried our best, with the best of intentions and knowledge, right?

As for Cow Mau, his issue is with his heart. He has no kidney issues yet, but I am aware that heart issues will lead to kidney issues fast. So, I have decided to give him Kidney Support Gold as a supplement (this was stopped on 11th Nov 2023 as KSG should not be given to pets on blood thinners). He doesn’t need Renal-N as his creatinine level is still normal. I’m also giving him Fera Organics’ Probiotics. And I’m reading up on Astro’s Nitrogen-Creatinine Scrub. It says it is recommended for cats with congestive heart failure too. The ingredient in the N-C Scrub is glycoproteins from the Acacia Senegal. Normally, I will study all the ingredients in detail before giving any supplement to anyone. Lots of research and reading up to do.

Luckily too, Cow Mau and Indy are easy to feed medicines to. Indy is the easiest. Cow Mau still has his mouth pain, so if stick my finger into his mouth or I mix the medicines with pasty food, the food still irritates his mouth and gives him pain. Poor Cow Mau. I’m trying to limit the use of painkillers (transdermal Tramadol) for Cow Mau. The less drugs, the better. There are supplements, and there are drugs. And there are side effects in some.

Now, on to the Blondies.

Since yesterday or so, Indra is giving me feeding problems now. She used to eat like a monster, but now, she isn’t as interested in food as she used to be and isn’t eating as much. Our vet tells me not to worry as long as there is no weight loss. Well, there isn’t…so far.

Akira and Kai are still the same, more or less.  Kai isn’t much interested in eating (but no weight loss, luckily) but Akira is eating a bit more nowadays provided I start her meal with Cubgrub. Hmm…choosy!!

Well, as much as Indra guzzles, their weight is always only a difference of 100g, Indra being the heaviest, Akira in between the Kai the lightest!!

So, where did Indra’s food go?? All metabolised through jumping and climbing and running around?

As for Samantha, like Minnie, sometimes she does intermittent fasting too. I’m not worried about her. She can afford to slim down a little!

Ah, the benefit of youth, right?