Beware of Covid-19

Please allow me to digress a little in this blogpost to share with all of you about Jia-Wen’s Covid-19 case.

My son, Jia-Wen, was tested positive for Covid-19 two days after their return from Hong Kong. Ryan and Jayden fell sick a day after their return; Ryan had conjunctivitis and Jayden had fullblown flu. Both were taken to the paediatrician, given medication and both made a very quick recovery. Ryan was singing and Jayden was dancing before the day was over.

When Jia-Wen tested positive for Covid-19, Sihui and the boys all tested negative.

So, Jia-Wen had the usual flu symptoms (sorethroat, cough, high fever, etc.) but stayed home in isolation with medicine. Yesterday morning, he even came to pay his last respects to Cleo.

But by afternoon, Sihui informed me that Jia-Wen was shivering at home. My husband went over with two hot water bottles and found Jia-Wen in a hypoxic state in the toilet. His heartbeat was a whopping 169 and his oxygen level had dropped to 87. Husband rushed Jia-Wen, who was drenched in sweat, to hospital.

Sunway Medical is excellent in their emergency services. Ming-Yi went there recently for an emergency appendicitis and abdominal bleeding.

Jia-Wen was attended to immediately and blood tests and X-rays were taken. He was clear for pneumonia, influenza and dengue fever; positive for Covid-19. Later, it was found that he had the rhinovirus too (this is the common cold, but it can get very severe in certain cases).

He had to be admitted for supplemental oxygen and IV-drips so that the Covid drug, Remdesivir, could be given intravenously.

Jia-Wen was categorised at Stage 4A. We were all shocked. He is young, vaccinated and has no co-morbidities. We hear of people getting Covid-19 all the time, and some just self-quarantine at home and get well without hospitalisation (as he did when he had it last year, along with Sihui and Ryan and that is how Jayden came to stay with us). But this time, it is Stage 4A??

Now we think this categorisation is based on the fact that he needed supplemental oxygen.

So all through the night, he was being monitored in his negative pressure single room, in isolation. No visitors allowed. We could only text with him. His urine output was being monitored as well. This is important as Remdesivir may cause acute kidney injury (AKI).

Jia-Wen was also given blood thinners (a painful injection in the abdomen, from a “long needle”). This is to prevent blood clots and is a standard Covid-19 protocol because Covid can increase blood clotting risks.

As soon as they started treatment, Jia-Wen was already in high spirits and was back to his ever-cheerful self.

As soon as she heard the news, Ming-Yi took time off from work and took a Grab straight to Sunway. So only husband and Ming-Yi were there with Jia-Wen. I was at home looking after Jayden while Sihui was with Ryan in their house.

Early this morning, Jia-Wen texted with good news! His oxygen level is up to 99% now and the supplemental oxygen has been taken off!

Jia-Wen says the hospital, the doctors and nurses AND the drugs are amazing! Yes, they are! Kudos to Sunway Medical for their excellent service!

So, as much as we are told by the authorities that Covid-19 is “just like the common flu”, please…it isn’t. Please still wear your mask and wash your hands frequently. Stay away from crowded places. Take all the Covid-19 precautions.

My friend from Hong Kong says that the XBB can cause such outlier cases where young and healthy people can contract a severe form of Covid-19. There are such cases in Singapore too.

So, please, take all the precautions. Take it seriously. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Jia-Wen says he wants to come home already. I said no. Stay in hospital and rest. We will hold down the fort for him!

Updates at 12.30pm:

Jia-Wen has severe inflammation which is typical of Covid-19. There is also some sugar in his urine. The doctor wants to do a CT scan to determine if they are missing something and to get a better full picture of his condition.

Updates at 6.46pm:

The doctor says Jia-Wen is doing very well now. Phew!






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