How much they have grown!

The Blondies are 8 months 15 days old today.

See how big Indra has grown, and Kai and Akira are only about just 100g lighter than Indra. And it was like “only yesterday” that I held them in my palm to handfeed them!

Soon, the Blondies might be as big as Samantha already!

I don’t know how much Samantha weighs as I still cannot touch her. For Minnie and Samantha, both whom I cannot touch, I hope they will not get sick. Otherwise, imagine what a world war it would be catching them to go to the vet’s and worse, giving  them medicine!

But the strange thing is, when Minnie first came to ask for help and brought Smurfy along, she totally allowed me to touch her and pill her too (she had jaundice). Likewise, Samantha also allowed me to pill her and attend to her lesions when she had that frightening fungal infection (we thought it was Cryptococcosis!). This was shortly after she had given birth.

So why are they so pahpai now??