Jayden wants to eat cat food

Today, Jayden INSISTED on eating Cubgrub’s dehydrated chicken treats.

He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Luckily I know Cubgrub’s incredibly high standards of hygiene, so okay, fine, I let him try. He did. Twice. I think he actually liked it but it was too tough for him to bite off because it is too chewy.

Ok, done. Satisfied?

Look at him later…

No, he didn’t try to eat Riley’s kibble.

Saja mau KPC sikit. 

Now, he wants to KPC with Cow Mau, Indy and Samantha.

Our Super Seniors are entitled to lunch because they are, well, seniors. But Samantha saja tumpang makan as well because she says she was doing intermittent fasting this morning and only now can she eat.

I constantly mistake Samantha for our dearest Cleo. She’s much bigger, of course, but her colours are getting darker, like Cleo’s.

Caught red-handed!
No, Jayden, no pulling of tails, please.

Jayden: Hello, Cow Mau! What are you eating? 

Jayden went too far with Cow Mau and Cow gave him a warning. But our little baby was unperturbed. Tough cookie!






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