Jayden leads the way with his heart of gold!

Jayden was taking his nap and had just woken up but was still not fully awake yet. Normally, when little children wake up in the evening, they tend to be a bit grumpy.

So I lay beside him and told me that I would soon have to feed Gerald and Misty in the porch as they are hungry, so when he is fully awake, I have to go feed them.

I thought we’d lay there for awhile first, then once I know he’s in a good mood, I’ll go feed Gerald and Misty. Jayden is at the age where he has separation anxiety and doesn’t like us “leaving” him.

But guess what Jayden did immediately?

He’s only 1 year 9 months old, but I think he’s very mature, understanding and yes, he has a good heart.

Jayden grabbed my finger, got up and walked (holding my finger) to the front door.

And he said, “Feed Jerre and Mitty”. That’s what he calls Gerald and Misty – Jerre and Mitty.  Aww…

One normally wouldn’t expect this from an almost-two year-old, right?

Jayden even hugged Gerald…aww. Because he knows Gerald is huggable.

But he coughed and this frightened Misty.

Misty came back.

Children have such hearts of gold and are naturally kind to animals. They even anthropomorphise, don’t they? If Gerald and Misty are hungry, well, let’s go feed them, just as we would ourselves. There is no difference.

Love across species – children have that. Don’t let them lose it.