Riley’s sneaky eating habits and Kai’s intermittent fasting

Riley is a junkie.

There’s no other word to describe her but that.

You would think that she would continue eating raw food after I easily converted her to it? No, not true.

Riley came from the street, if you remember. She was following Samantha around on our street, so she came to our house to eat. I usually start with canned food and kibble, which she devoured. I remember she was always hungry, and also a kitten, of course.

After we managed to trap her, I started introducing raw food to her and that conversion was actually very easy! She took to it naturally.

But now?

She is THE hardest cat to feed!! She has already dethroned Indy now because Indy eats on his own, happily too.

So what does it take to feed this junkie?

Well, every morning, I make it a point to finger feed her raw food. This entails using my finger to offer her the raw food. If she obliges, she will lick it off my finger (super manja habis!). If not, I force feed her. Sometimes, she wants Cubgrub, sometimes cut-up raw meat. Breakfast is raw.

Then, throughout the day, she wants junk, ie. kibble.

She’s very clever in that she comes when I am very busy in the kitchen. She knows that if I’m busy, I won’t have time to force feed her raw food, so I would just have to pour out some kibble for her. And she will mew until kingdom come, like, “I’m starving, starving…I’m going to die already…feed me, feed me….”.

Clever strategist, yes?

So on a busy day, she wins and she gets “free-flowing” kibble all day. I don’t leave any kibble around because it will masuk angin and attract ants. Riley knows this and will come round to ask again and again throughout the day.

Then, dinner, again, I will try my best to give her another round of raw food, unless I’m pressed for time, which I sometimes am. Then, hooray for her, she gets junk again.

As for Cubgrub, the naughty thing will only eat chicken alone. She won’t eat duck, quail or rabbit. That’s not good enough, she needs the protein rotation, so this is why I force feed her a variety of flavours from Coco&Joe’s. Coco’s is denser and easier to force feed.

There were also many times when Riley “calculated” wrongly. She thought I was busy but I was not! So she did her “pleading mews” in the kitchen hoping I would give her a bowl of kibble. Instead, I took out the raw food container and she fled from the kitchen, like fleeing for her life! Haha….who is the one who is starving to death unless she gets kibble?

My aim is to reduce her reliance on junk food and hopefully, to convert her back to 100% raw food, like the Monsters.

The Monsters were brought up on a strict raw diet. Then, they got adopted and ate canned and kibble only. After I took them all back, they instantly and effortlessly went back to 100% raw food. Now, they eat a 100% raw diet. This is what I aimed for Riley, Samantha and the Blondies too.

But alas…that did not happen.

The reason it couldn’t happen for the Blondies is that they live with our Super Seniors and our Super Seniors get “whatever they want” as long as they are willing to eat it. That is how the Blondies knew about the existence of….KIBBLE!!

Now, Akira, Kai and Samantha like kibble, but strangely, Indra will not touch it. Smart girl! Indra, by her own choice, is still on a 100% raw diet…so clever!

Kai still skips a meal here and there. It’s like intermittent fasting. Samantha, Kai and Akira do this. For Kai, especially, it is almost like that she will only eat a big meal once in two days. On other days, it’s just snacking.

The photo above shows her eating cut-up raw meat this morning. This is considered a heavy meal for her. Now, I expect she will just snack around until two days’ time.

Akira, skipped breakfast totally today. She’s still as active as ever.

Girls!! They are also generally choosy cats. It’s not easy enticing them to eat. I have to play it by ear, based on what I know about their taste buds. Indra like Coco&Joe’s. Kai and Akira prefer Cubgrub, but after licking some, they will eat Coco&Joe’s. Susah betul…

The vet says there is nothing to worry about skipping meals if there is no weight loss. So far, there is none. Akira is 100g lighter than Indra and Kai is 100g lighter than Akira!! But they all gradually increase in weight, on that scale!

I wish they ate like the Monsters! It’s sheer joy feeding the Monsters because they sapu habis everything!