Beware of Covid-19, Part 2

I have bad news, slightly good news and really good news on the homefront with regard to the dreaded Covid-19.

The bad news and this is not unexpected: Husband has contracted Covid-19 now. Not shocking because he was the one who discovered Jia-Wen in a hypoxic state and he sent him to the hospital. There was already close contact there.

The slightly good news: Husband’s symptoms so far are mild, ie. fever, sorethroat, inappetence. So hospitalisation is not needed at this point. Hopefully, it’s closer to the “common flu” and will go off with medications.

The really good news: Jia-Wen is discharged and is already home! But would need to be isolated for 14 days. For new readers, Jia-Wen was at Stage 4A and needed supplemental oxygen. His heartbeat was drastically elevated and his oxygen level had fallen to 87. But he is good now.

I hope Part 3 will not be more bad news as I am exposed now.  And I simply cannot afford to be sick! Too many people and cats depend on me.

Covid-19, when are you going to go away for good?

Don’t you wonder why there are so many mutations and it’s still going strong?