Super Senior caring for Indy and Cow Mau

I have a new supplement regimen for Indy and Cow Mau now, so I get up earlier in the morning to do it.

For new readers, Indy has Stage 3 CKD and chronic gastro-intestinal issues while Cow Mau has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and a risk of it leading to CKD. So Cow Mau does not have CKD…yet.

And as always, this is just a sharing and in no way does it claim to be any advice for anyone at all even if your pets have similar issues. Every pet is different, so please consult your vet for your pets’ needs.

First thing in the morning:
Indy – Renal-N, Fero probiotics with some food, Amlodipine.
Cow Mau – Fero probiotics with some food.

After breakfast:
Indy – Kidney Support Gold and subcut.
Cow Mau – Amlodipine, Hyaflex, Gum Max, Vetri DMG.

Indy – Astro’s Oil’s N-C Scrub (for his CKD)
Cow – Astro’s Oil’s N-C Scrub (for his heart issue)

Indy and Cow Mau get some snacks if they ask for it, “As long as they eat” and “Having an appetite is a blessing”.

Around “tea time”:
Indy – Renal-N, Kidney Support Gold with some food.

After dinner:
Indy – Astro’s Oil’s N-C Scrub
Cow Mau – Astro’s Oil’s N-C Scrub, Clopidogrel.

Amlodipine is for high blood pressure. Indy had very high blood pressure when last checked. His systolic reading was 180. Cow’s was 150 so he was started on Amlodipine and after two weeks, it went down to 120. The vet says to maintain his low-dose Amlodipine to prevent another rise.

Clopidogrel is a blood thinner because Cow Mau has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. His pro-BNP reading was more than 1400 when last checked.

Amlodipine and Clopidogrel are best to be given separately in case of interactions.

Renal-N is a kidney supplement that contains probiotics.

Fera Organics is a probiotic and prebiotic.

Kidney Support Gold is a supplement for the kidneys, it contains herbs. Not to be given if pet is on blood thinners. An update: I had absent-mindedly given it to Cow Mau for about 2 weeks but have stopped it immediately now (11th Nov 2023). But I’m relieved there was no harm done.

Astro’s Oil’s N-C Scrub contains glycoprotein to help reduce creatinine.

Gum Max contains CoQ10 for Cow’s gum inflammation, it also assists in immunity, cardiovascular support and geriatric health, all of which he needs.

Hyaflex contains hyaluronic acid for joint health; Tabs is also on this because she has a spur on her spine.

So far, a few medications have proven to be REALLY effective for Cow Mau. When he had seizures, our vet said to try Advocate spot-on every month because some seizures could be related to flea bites. Cow Mau responded positively to it. But there were still the occasional seizures. So our vet said to decrease the duration from one calendar month to 4 weeks (that’s just a few days’ difference, right?), but what do you know…the seizures stopped.

Another one is Hyaflex. Cow Mau was experiencing weak hind legs. He appeared to be constipated but actually, it was because he could not squat long enough for a complete bowel movement, so he ended up squatting repeatedly for a few seconds at a time, trying to empty his bowels (luckily our perceptive vet offered this hypothesis and she was right!). After taking Hyaflex, his hind legs are much stronger now. He has no problems squatting to defecate anymore.

Amlodipine worked within 2 weeks to reduce Cow Mau’s systolic blood pressure from 150 to 120.

And finally, Neo Deca antibiotic and steroidal eye drop helps in Cow Mau’s brown eye discharge. I usually only have to use it for 1-2 days before the discharge clears up. Because it contains steroids, it should not be used for the long term.

Both Cow Mau and Indy have good appetite nowadays. Cow Mau has always had it. Indy had no appetite for months (mistaken for being choosy because he would eat when force fed) until I started him on subcut and subsequently on all his supplements. He has a good appetite now.

This morning’s breakfast and medicines.

Cow still has problems in eating. It is the mouth pain. Orozyme is counter-productive because the paste irritates his gums even more. Gum Max has not shown significant results. One of the vets said since Cow Mau is too old to go through another dental scaling, another option is laser therapy for pain, but I have not considered this option yet.  I could give him transdermal Tramadol whenever necessary. But Cow Mau is an armoured truck, a tank, so he endures without much complaints. It’s just that I do see him pawing his mouth every time he eats.

One thing I am certain of, Indy’s demeanour and wellbeing improved so much after I started him on subcut. Then, Kidney Support Gold has brought back the zest and life in his eyes. I did not know Indy had kidney issues as he had no symptoms. His last blood test was just 11 months before the one this year which revealed his creatinine and urea had shot through the roof. I think my only regret is that I should not have done annual check-ups, I should have done six-monthly check-ups for our older cats.

Tabs and Ginger have had their blood tests done already. All clear. Phew!

Indy gets food whenever he wants. He likes RC’s renal kibble and that is the vet-recommended food for him.

Indy allows me to do subcut on him singlehandedly. He’s a very cooperative cat.