Another Robin-Smurfy fight

Caught in action just now.

Waiting for these two to grow up…but judging from our Super Senior warriors, I might have to wait for maybe 10 more years?

The Monsters are still considered much milder than the wrath of Cow Mau, Bunny and Indy in their hey day. Those fights will end up with trips to the vet’s and possibly a trip to the clinic for me for an anti-Tetanus jab.

The worst I’ve got was a bite from Cow Mau when I stupidly tried to break up a fight between Cow Mau and Bunny with my leg. That was pure stupidity, but we’ve all been there in those early years, right?

I put my leg between the two warring cats and Cow Mau, in the heat of the moment, did not hesitate to BITE me real hard and deep to teach me not to interfere. Blood starting spurting out like a fountain. I rushed them to the vet’s before ending up at the clinic for an anti-Tetanus jab! That scar on my leg remained for so many years!!

So no more being stupid, I use a stick now. Not my limbs!






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