Urgent help needed for a family of mother-dog and puppies in Selayang (Saamiiera Parameswara’s)

We need your kind help to share this post out as widely as you can.  Thank you.

I received this appeal for help late last night from Ms Saamiiera Parameswara, a muslim lady who is trying her best to help a family of mother-dog and her puppies:

Good evening Dr. Chan. A mutual on Twitter suggested that i tried contacting you about a momma dog and her 6 pups. I came across them living right by the roadside. Everyday after work i go to feed them and make sure they are safe. There are many dogs in the area, some which even bit the puppies until it bleeding. The momma dog is scared of the other dogs. I try my best to care for them and decided to post about them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. I reach out to so many people but to no avail. I am a muslim and I live at a low cost flat. I have no space to give them shelter.

Location: at a school in Taman Selayang (exact location to be given to those who can help)
Would you know anyone that can help them?
Thank you.
I replied to her immediately and explained that we do not have the resources of rescue work, but our neutering, vaccination and medical aid is available should she be able to catch the family. Since then, I have been contacting friends to ask if anyone can help, but I haven’t found anyone yet.
Please help to share this message as widely as you can. Let’s help Ms Saamiiera and this dog family!
If you are able to help with the rescue, please contact Ms Saamiiera directly at saamiiera11@gmail.com
More from Ms Saamiiera:
Dear Dr. Chan
Thank you for writing back to me. I have tried to get them rescued but to no response so far. I am definitely not able to catch the mama dog for neutering because i do not have the means to do so. However, i did state that I’m willing to help in any way i can if anybody is willing to rescue them.
This is my first attempt to get a family of dogs to safety. And yes i have posted about it at some rescue groups and reached out to a few shelters but to no avail.
I am very humbled to have received your offer of help for neutering. I will continue to reach out to as many people as I can who has the means and skill to rescue the family. I will definitely write back to you if the momma dog is able to be captured for neutering.
Thank you.