Indy’s appetite

It is such a joy feeding Indy these days, ever since we started him on subcut and followed by Kidney Support Gold.

For months, he had been having inappetence which I mistook for him being choosy. Bitter lesson learnt: Do not assume it is the cat being choosy, even for a cat with Indy’s type of character. Inappetence is a red flag. Indy’s kidneys were acting up already, unbeknownst to me. And there were no other signs at all. Just some weight loss which I again, mistakenly, attributed to weight loss due to aging.

But then again, it wasn’t REALLY inappetence during those months because he did eat on his own occasionally and at other times when I force fed him, he ate most willingly.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, Indy was just being very obliging and dutifully ate whenever I force fed him.

What a good boy.

But whatever matters is NOW.

Now, he eats very well.

The photo above shows his third helping for the morning!