The aftermath of the Robin-Smurfy war

Yesterday morning, Robin and Smurfy were engaged in a heated and very loud war. I managed to stop the war from becoming a physical fight and I thought all was well after that.

But no…

I did not check on them but I was definitely home all day.

By dinner time, Smurfy did not come to eat. I looked for him and found him holed up on the highest platform in the big cage. He looked scared. But this was already so many hours after the fight in the morning.

I didn’t force him out. Instead I placed a bowl of food for him in the cage.

But he did not want to eat at all.

He was in the hen pose too, which probably means he was still frightened.

Robin was eating to his heart’s content like nobody’s business.

I made a mental note that I should try and feed him again later at night, but I was dead tired and konked off to sleep by 9pm last night!

Well, I did wake up very early, though. I was up at 3.30am this morning. And the first thing that came to mind was…oh no, Smurfy! I forgot to feed Smurfy again last night. But honestly, I wasn’t frantic about it because they are Monsters, right? Tough as nails.

Then, I already saw Smurfy by the screendoor, which means he’s out of the big cage. He looked normal. And he looked eager to eat too!


Eating to his heart’s content! I had forgotten to thaw some raw chicken meat. That’s Smurfy’s favourite food. But he ate the Coco&Joe’s. Most appreciatively too!

Eating leftovers.

Lynx stealing food from the container.

Tabs and Riley almost never want to come out to the catio. I guess they are scared of the Monsters. Tabs does occasionally come out, but only when we are there.  Riley, never.

Actually it would be good for Riley to join the Monsters. Then, she might stop being so choosy over food and just eat the raw diet like the Monsters! That’s what happened with Ginger. Ginger used to live in the Safehouse with Tabs. That time, he was SO incredibly choosy and fussy over his food, demanding for junk all the time. Now, after living with the Monsters, it’s been so good. He eats…like a Monster, all raw food.

Riley says: What?? Give up all the luxuries of sleeping on the bed and eating junk? No way!!

Ok, fine, then why do you want to escape through the front door then?