Dora finally caught (updates from Imm’s Shelter)

Judy updated that Dora has finally been caught just now. They used the help of a darter and of course, their friend assisted in following Dora until she fell.

Their friend followed Dora. Dora and all her friends ran into this gated orchard when she was darted. The friend had to climb over the gate to get Dora.

Carrying Dora back.

In these two days, Tuff, Phantom and Dora have been caught. Tuff is currently too weak to be started on the chemotherapy for his TVT, so the treatment would have to wait. Tuff has tick fever and this will be attended to first.

We are relieved all three have been caught so that they can be treated. Phantom is a young dog and probably only needs to be neutered.

Judy says their shelter has excess funds to use for the treatment of all three dogs,