Medical aid for 1 dog in Setapak (Loke Siew Fong’s)

We have provided an aid of RM500 for the tick fever treatment of this male dog, Michael.

Ms Loke submitted 5 receipts. The total spent was RM2017.15 which includes RM180 for neutering, RM45 for the first vaccination, RM708.00 for 4.3 boxes of Nexgard (20 tablets), RM135 for a box of Advocate and RM73,60 for a whole bottle of Frontline spray. So the amount spent for the medical treatment alone is RM875.55.

Ms Loke and her friends only submitted a claim for RM858.05 since they did not keep a record of how much of the Frontline, Nexgard and Advocate was used only on Michael. But we decided to pay out an aid of RM500, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Our Medical Aid payout is also totally dependent on fund availability and we do not promise any specific amount or proportion of the total charges.

Ms Loke also submitted the vaccination claim for two vaccinations but the receipts have already past the 2-week deadline. So we are unable to help with these.

Michael was rescued, discovered to have tick fever and underwent treatment for more than 2 months, including time for recuperation. As per our terms and conditions, our Medical Aid is only offered if the dog is also neutered and we will provide our Neutering Aid if all terms and conditions are fulfilled (particularly the ear-notch).

Michael was eventually neutered after full recovery from the tick fever. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication, the vet forgot to notch the ear even though Ms Loke had instructed the vet to do so. Ms Loke provided a letter from the clinic which verifies this (please see below where we have cut out the relevant part).

Since it was not Ms Loke’s fault, we decided to allow Ms Loke to claim for the medical aid as well as vaccination aid, but not the neutering aid as we have never bent our rules on the ear-notching. Unfortunately, for the vaccination aid, she has past the 2-week deadline.

The ear-notch is to protect the animal so that the animal can be identified on sight that they have been neutered. It would prevent re-capture and for females, re-opening up the dog for another spaying surgery and subjecting the dog to anaesthesia and surgery risks.

When first rescued:

After recovery from tick fever, on the way to the clinic for neutering:

Feeling better now, Michael is still taking medicines to build back his health.






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