Beware of Covid-19, Part 3

I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to write this Part 3, but bummers….I’ve got Covid-19 now.

First time in my life. Oh well….

Not surprising since practically everybody has had it this round. Jia-Wen got it first (I suspect from Hong Kong), then my husband, then Sihui, and she thinks the boys also had it but they recovered very quickly.

It would be surprising if I didn’t also get it eventually, right? Especially with the inevitable exposure.

I think mine is considered “mild”. I had fever, the chills (had to wear my winter jacket and socks), an irritating throat and a bit of cough and slight runny nose.

I already started taking the Chinese TCM herbal remedy, Lian Hua, yesterday. And I’m on some supplements too.

But work goes on as usual. There’s no rest with the cats!








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