Covid’s chills and our cats’ warmth

I’m isolating myself in the house as much as I can.

And it’s hard to ask the cats to stay away from me.

But I should stay away from them as humans are known to be able to spread Covid-19 to cats and dogs.

Meanwhile, I’m getting the Covid-19 chills every now and then. Even wrapped in three layers (a tshirt, a pullover and a winter jacket) and with socks doesn’t help. Luckily Panadol helps. I get out of it after awhile.

I’m really hoping the symptoms remain “mild” and I don’t need any further medical attention.

We cannot take Covid-19 lightly nowadays because of its rate of mutation. My son had to be hospitalised and he was at Stage 4A.

I’ve been checking my oxygen level too. So far, it’s been acceptable.






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