Gerald and Missy went missing this morning

But they came back after an hour!

Early this morning, Gerald and Misty both did not turn up at our porch for breakfast. This is really strange and has never happened before. Usually and almost always, Misty would be here.

I went out to the road to call for them, but nobody turned up.

So I went back to feed the rest of the cats. As I was feeding at Bunny’s Place, I soon heard that all-too-familiar mewing of Gerald’s and it was coming from the rooftop. I didn’t see him, though but I sure heard him!

About an hour after that, both Gerald and Misty were already back at the porch, waiting for breakfast.

A kind neighbour later informed me that Misty was sitting at her wall when she suddenly accidentally dropped something which made a loud noise. So, that startled Misty and she scuttled off to Cmpl’s house! Oh dear….

Normally, according to this kind neighbour, Misty would go from her house to another cat-tolerant neighbour’s house, but this time, probably due to being startled, Misty went in the opposite direction and landed in Cmpl’s house. Luckily it was still early and Cmpl was probably still asleep.

Anyway, what matters is, Misty had come back for breakfast.

All should be well…if I don’t hear any complaints from Cmpl or in the neighbourhood chatgroup.